Class Action Litigation

Class action litigation is crucial to maintaining fairness in the business world. This legal action involves individuals that have been harmed in a similar fashion by a large company. They then group together to file a lawsuit on behalf of the group. Large corporations prefer fighting consumers one at a time, because individuals cannot afford to launch a product recall or file a lawsuit. A class action lawsuit gives consumers the power they require against large companies that cause financial or physical harm to them.

The advantage of going through with a class action lawsuit is that it gives the plaintiff enough leverage for taking on the largest corporations. When hundreds or thousands of people band together and file a lawsuit it gives the case more merit; forcing the defendant and the authorities to take notice.

We at Feldman Law are proud to represent groups of plaintiffs, public companies, private companies and Government agencies in State or Federal class action suits across the United States. We have years of experience in fighting cases for our clients and have built a reputation through our effective litigators. If you have been a victim of financial, physical or emotional harm by a large company, feel free to contact us. Our experienced class action litigators can guide you and provide information about making the right decisions. We can be reached at 1.877.335.3626.





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