Workers Compensation

If you are injured while working, workers’ compensation laws may entitle you to many benefits. The type of benefits could include payment for your medical bills, benefits for permanent, partial or total disability, and even compensation for the time you are unable to work. You will be covered by your employer’s workers compensation insurance for paying for all these benefits.

The common types of injuries covered under workers’ compensation are:

• Falls, slips, or trips (slip and falls)
• Violence and other injuries by persons or animal
• Transportation incidents
• Contact with an object or a piece of equipment (bruises, fractures, cuts)

Your employer’s insurance company will always be focused on either denying or minimizing the benefits you are entitled to receive. Most often they will be claiming that your injuries are not as serious as you are claiming or they were caused or developed beyond the realm of your employment. In order to ensure that you get proper treatment and receive all that your are entitled to, you should seek out legal services.

Feldman Law has years of experience in protecting the rights of our clients by helping them obtain full compensation for an on-job accident or any effects caused bytheir occupational duties. Our workers’ compensation attorneys will guide you about how to deal with the intimidations by your employer or their insurance provider. We have several years of experience in recovering benefits through workers’ comp and third party claims. We make sure that our client doesn’t have to suffer financially, physically and emotionally when he/she is entitled to be appropriately compensated.

If you have been injured at work or have developed any disease due to your job-related duties, feel free to get advice from our workers’ compensation attorneys. Contact us today at 1.877.335.3626 and we will be always eager to answer your queries.



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