Product Liability

When you buy a product, you expect that it would work properly and safely. But many manufacturers are producing defective products that could result in fatal injuries. If you are dealing with any such situation,Feldman Law can help you in filing a case and getting proper compensation for your loss and the breach of trust by the company.

A defective product could either be designed with defects or it could have been manufactured inappropriately. Manufacturing defects or faulty designs could result in unsafe products that could potentially cause injury to users. There are endless cases of defective products that have caused harm and even death to its consumers. If you have been harmed in any way due to a company’s negligence in its product development, you could make a legal claim with one of the lawyers at the Feldman Firm for you to get appropriate compensation.

A product liability claim involves finding the law that hold one or more persons involved in the design and manufacturer of the product accountable for your damages or injuries. This could include anyone or everyone from the designer to the manufacture to the supplier to the retailer. They could be held liable for the injury or harm caused by their product.

We have been representing affected consumers for many years that have been injured or have died as a result of using a defective product. The types of cases we have handled successfully include:

• Defective Vehicle Parts (Including Tires)
• Chemical Content in Products (Including Pressure Treated Wood)
• Unsafe Toys and Furniture
• Dangerous Drugs
• Equipment Defects
• Electrical Injuries
• Aviation Law
• Maritime Law
• Cosmetic Products

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